Bookmakers offer a wide range of outcomes and types of bets on sports events, but one of the most popular is the total for a certain outcome. This type of bet is popular due to its ease of understanding and wide range of odds.

Total in bets is a bet that indicates points, goals, pucks, and other exact indicators in each particular game. At the same time, the player does not indicate the exact number of goals scored but only shows the possible boundaries of certain indicators. This is a rather exciting procedure, which allows you to get additional profit.

The strategy of betting on total will always be winning if the players of bookmakers have sufficient knowledge of certain experience and are able to analyze information.

Let’s consider a specific example to understand what a bet on total under means. If the player bets less than 2 goals it will be scored in the game. For the bet to bring the expected profit, the teams must play in a goalless draw, or one of the opponents could score only one goal.

If two goals are recorded in the game, the player returns the bet. In essence, he loses, but he can return the amount originally invested in the game.


It does not matter what kind of sport they are considering: football, basketball, hockey, volleyball — total bets work with one important feature. The total values ​​are relevant only in the main time of a sports bout.

For example, if the teams played a draw, and in extra time one of the opponents was able to win extra time, the bookmakers will calculate the match as a draw. At the same time, no indicators in extra time or after a penalty shoot-out will have any meaning.

Experienced players know what total is in sports betting, skillfully using all the advantages of this format of interaction with bookmakers. For example, Over or Under can be placed on the number of goals, pucks, penalty points of one of the teams, or they can show the totals of the entire game.

Often players get confused from the designation of additional total (additional). This is the most common total, but not the one that bookmakers offer as the main one (in football, most often 2,5). The three-way total, which has also become common lately, differs from the usual one only by the value equals. Example: instead of two outcomes: total over 2,5 and under 2,5, under 2, exactly 2 and over 2 are offered.

Experienced players like to bet on the total of something in live mode because sometimes the odds do not keep up with the changes in the game. For example, a player sees that one team starts to put a lot of pressure and has enough for a goal, and the odds for a goal scored by this team suggest a good win. At this moment, the bet takes place. The odds change quickly, but if you keep track of the game, you can easily find profitable options.


Sports betting by the type of total under is a great opportunity for a beginner to understand the world of sports and betting, and for a professional to earn money. The success of the bet will depend on the information that the player knows and on the ability to feel the moment when the office does not keep up with the events.

A beginner can count on luck and make accurate bets with minimal risk.

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