The Odd Even Betting Strategy

How it works

The odd-even betting strategy builds on predicting the number of goals scored in a particular sports match. The goals are added to each other, and their sum results in the odd or an even number. Punters can implement the odd-even betting to both half-time and full-time markets. If the match ended in a 0-0 draw, this means even.

The odd/even betting markets cover only regular time without the extra time and penalty shoot-outs. Cappers have only two options: the «odd» and «even» selections. When you pick the «odd», your bet will win if teams score one, three, five, etc. If your wager contains the «even» selection, your bet will win if the teams score two, four, six, etc.

If you would like to bring some form of roulette to the traditional money line markets, the odd-even strategy is definitely the right choice. With that, if you want to treat it seriously, you need to implement some bankroll management systems to help you achieve positive results.

The standard odd-even betting implies predicting the final scores of sports events: whether their sum is odd or even. But now, sportsbooks add additional betting options — you can also use odd-even betting on half-time sports betting markets.

How to Win with Odd-Even Betting?

Some players achieve serious success with this strategy. While one player can accurately predict the number of goals, another punter knows how to use progressive bankroll management strategies. According to Martingale or Fibonacci strategies, he increases the stake to cover all previous losses. However, be cautious with such systems — increasing the stake can lead to losing the entire bankroll!

Stats is especially crucial for the odd-even betting strategy. A team can tend to play in the energy-saving mode — score one goal and then sit on the lead. In this case, it’s reasonable to pick the «odd» selection as a 1-0 win is very likely.

Odd Even Betting Principles

As we said above, the wager outcome doesn’t depend on who wins, and all you need is to predict the necessary number of goals. For instance, Chelsea faces Manchester United, and you select to place a bet on the odd-even full-time market. Based on the previous statistics, you find that the probability of the odd outcome is 65%.

Let’s imagine that the betting odds for the «odd» pick are equal to 1.85 or higher. 65*1.85 = 120. As a result, you have a 120% probability that the final score will be odd, so your bet comes with value.

To understand the value of odd-even bets, you want to know the basics of analysing stats and team conditions, motivation, etc. All in all, odd even betting is an exciting way to try your luck and start winning money by predicting sports match scores.

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