This privacy policy (hereinafter «Policy») compiles, protects and uses your personal data (hereinafter «Personal data»), which the user may provide on our website and also on any its products or services. Our management is committed to keeping your privacy online. Therefore, we pay particular attention to protecting the data you provide. Possible purposes of using your «Personal data» are to enhance users’ experience, raise awareness of the current representatives in the gambling industry, the best game strategies, and comparative analytics for each specific resource.

The current «Policy» does not apply to the activities of companies and actors outside our area of ​​responsibility.


We collect and make use of your «Personal data» only if provided voluntarily. With your consent, you authorize us to compile and use as follows: first and last name, phone number, email. This «Personal data» collection and handling are proceeding according to the laws in force in the territory of its activity.


When you access the website, our servers automatically record data from your browser. This information may comprise your IP address, type of browser and its version, type and version of the operating system, and other fields of statistics. The information collection is automated and used only to detect fraudulent schemes and abuse of information specified on the website. The aggregated statistics do not identify any specific user on the system.


You are not required to provide us with «Personal data» when accessing our website. However, you must be provided with some personal data to use certain functions. Therefore, we deliberately store information that we receive from the completed forms on the site. This information may relate to your contacts, such as email address, address, etc.

The retention period and use of your «Personal data» is equal to the period necessary to comply with our legal obligations, or if any more extended period is required and allowed by the law. We reserve the right to use any aggregated statistics that we obtain from your «Personal data». After the expiration of the retention period, «Personal data» is deleted. Consequently, we cannot implement the right to access, the right to delete or correct, and the right to data transfer after the expiration of the retention period.


We compile and process your «Personal data» to make our website and services accessible or fulfill legal obligations. You provide some of the required information directly through the official site. The information that comes directly from you can be used for the following purposes:


  • To improve products and services.
  • To send marketing and advertising messages.
  • To respond to requests and offer support.
  • To enhance user experience.
  • To conduct draws and competitions.
  • To launch and manage our website and services.

Your «Personal data» processing depends on how you interact with our website, your current location, and whether the following conditions are met:
do you provide your consent for one purpose?

do you provide your consent for several specific purposes?

However, there are exceptions when this rule does not apply:

if the processing of «Personal data» is governed by the EU General Data Protection Regulation;

if the provision of «Personal data» is necessary to implement an agreement with you and/or any pre-contractual obligations under this agreement;

if the processing of «Personal data» is necessary for compliance with legal obligations;

if  the processing of «Personal data» is necessary to respond to the purposes of legitimate interest from a third party or us.

According to the laws of some countries, we have the right to process information without your consent, as long as you do not object otherwise (notice of the denial). But in any case, we try to clarify the specific legal basis on which the processing is carried out.


You have a number of rights regarding the information you provide to us for processing.

You have the right to do the following:

withdraw consent of your «Personal data» processing;

oppose your «Personal data» processing if it is implemented according to the law;

request us the information about your «Personal data» processing, further information of the processing, and obtain a copy of the processed information;

verify the accuracy of your «Personal data» and submit a request to update or amend it;

restrict the processing of «Personal data» based on certain circumstances, when is required to stop processing your «Personal data» for any purposes other than retention;

request to delete your «Personal data»;

receive your «Personal data» with a more structured framework and transmit it to another controller.


We made a conscious decision not to compile «Personal data» from children under 13 years old. However, we encourage parents and legal guardians to check up carefully on how their children use the online spaces and help us enforce this «Policy» by instructing children not to withhold «Personal data» to our website without consent. If you have a reason to believe that your child under the age of 13 has provided us with «Personal data», don’t hesitate to contact us.


We use cookies to correct the function of the content and for ease of reference of our website. These are small files that are stored by your computer or other access devices. They make the website easy to remember «Personal data». Cookies make browsing the site much more convenient. You can adjust the reception or blocking of cookies in your browser.


Some browsers have a «Do Not Track» feature that indicates the sites you visit not to track your online activity. Tracking is not the same as using or collecting information from a website. In this case, tracking allows collecting your «Personal data» from users who access the website and navigate other websites over time. Our website does not track its visitors over time or on third-party resources.

However, please note that some third-party websites may track your online activities when they provide you with content. And this allows them to adjust the content they provide to you.


We may disclose your «Personal data» to our affiliate partners to expand the range of products and services we offer you. Those affiliates will process all «Personal data» under the terms of this «Policy».


The official website may contain links to related sites that we don’t manage. We are not responsible for the content provided there. In this respect, we recommend you to get acquainted with the «Policy» of each site you access if it’s available.


We carefully protect the information you provide to us from unauthorized access, use, or disclosure. We provide reasonable administrative, technical and physical security measures to protect against unauthorized access, use, modification, and disclosure of «Personal data» that is of our responsibility.

However, the online data transfer cannot be 100% secure. Therefore, we ask you to admit that:

there are restrictions on online security and privacy that are out of our control;

the security, integrity, and confidentiality of the information you submit to our website cannot be fully guaranteed;

any such information may be viewed or modified when transmitted by a third party.


In case of a security breach or «Personal data» leakage to third parties as a result of external activities, including hackers’ attacks or fraud, we reserve the right to take reasonable measures, such as investigation and reporting, as well as notification to the legal authorities and further cooperation. In the case of «Personal data» leaks, we will endeavor to notify the affected persons if we find the leak to be risky and could damage the user. We will post the following notifications on the website and send them by email.


In case of changes in business processes organization, such as a merger, or takeover by another company, or asset sale (partial or at full), your user’s account and «Personal data» will be transferred to the new structure management.


We may update our privacy policy from time to time on the official website. We will notify you about the updates on the website’s main page. Furthermore, we monitor changes in the Personal data policy in the legal framework of the European General Data Protection Regulation. Therefore, if you provide us with your «Personal data», we will inform you in the event of changes. Verify your «Personal data» to be correct if we contact you personally.


Under this statement, you acknowledge that you have carefully read the current «Policy»  and accept its terms. Then, entering our website, you ensure compliance with the provisions of this Policy. If you do not agree to comply with the current «Policy» provisions, you do not have the right to access our website.


To contact us and find out more about the current «Policy», or any other question regarding your rights and «Personal data», you can reach us through the contact form.

The last update of the document was 20/02/2022

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