Danish System

How to Use the Danish System in Sports Betting

There are a lot of betting strategies that help players manage their bankroll and cope with losing streaks. In this review, we will reveal everything related to the Danish betting system, its pros and cons.

The Danish system of bankroll management is an easy and, at the same time, efficient strategy for placing bets on sports matches. It’s worth noting that compared to some other strategies, the Danish system has quite high risks for bankroll.

What is the Danish System?

The strategy principle is very similar to the Martingale system. As you might know, according to its principles you need to double the stake every time your bet loses unless it wins.

The Danish system has a bit different rules — they suit sports betting better. According to the system, you need to increase the stake and find the pick with higher odds.

For instance, you bet 500 NGN with 1.50 betting odds. If your bet loses, you need to place a 1000 NGN bet with 2.00 betting odds. If this punt also loses, you bet 1500 NGN with 2.50 betting odds and so on, until your bet wins.

As you see, with each losing bet you increase the stake by 500 NGN and betting odds by 0.50. The winning bet covers all losses and gives you profit.

Pros and Сons of Danish System

In comparison with the Martingale system, the Danish bankroll management strategy can produce a higher total profit. With that, there is some challenge: when you reach betting odds of around 3.00, your pick won’t have high chances of winning, not to speak about betting odds of 5.00 or higher. In the case of the Martingale money management system, the results depend only on how big your bankroll is. And the total outcome from betting with the Danish system depends on how good you are in evaluating the betting odds and chances of teams to win.

Of course, sportsbooks welcome players utilizing the Danish bankroll management system, however, we’d like to suggest you be careful with it. The good rule of thumb is to use the Danish strategy when you are sure of the outcome of the match you are wagering on!

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