Martingale strategy in sports betting

The Martingale is one of the most popular sports betting strategies. The financial technique consists of betting on events with odds of 2,0. If the player doesn’t win the bet, he should double the next one to make up for the previous losses. We follow this way until we succeed in winning. As soon as we win, the cycle closes, and a new one begins.

What is martingale?

Martingale in sports is a betting strategy under which a player must double the amount of previous loss in any new bet. Players also call Martingale chase betting. The Martingale strategy was first used for betting on roulette. Roulette consists of 37 fields: 18 red, 18 black, and zero. More likely to receive red and black is 0,4865: 18/37. The game begins with some pre-selected amount, wager on red or black. The bet is doubled until you get the desired color in case of loss. The first win covers past losses and earns you the initial bet amount.

Martingale betting strategies

WIth 2,0 odd, you deal with classic chase betting. The second option is alternative chase betting.

Classic chase betting
Use the following formula to get a profit on the first bet:
(bet amount) = (first bet amount + loss amount) / (odds — 1).

Alternative chase betting
Calculate the bet amount using the formula:
(bet amount) = (desired profit + loss amount) / (odds — 1).

The point of Martingale. Strategy bet example

First, you should select outcomes with odds of 2,0. The first bet is 10 USD. If you lose, the next bet is doubled to 20 USD, then for 40 USD, 80 USD, 160 USD, until you win or the money is gone. Everything is quite simple.

The technique is based that at some point, you win the bet. But, as you know, negative series happen even with professional bettors who carefully analyze events. Therefore, the strategy is win-win in theory rather than in practice.
We recommend betting on equivalent outcomes such as total odd or even. However, a 50% profit on each outcome with odds of 2,0 is impossible due to the bookie’s margin. At best, betting odds will be 1,95. After the second step, you cannot double the bet since the payout will be 39 USD instead of 40 USD. You will miss 1 USD with only one loss. Although with a low margin and high betting odds, this is a minor drawback.

Now a simple case in point:

1,10 USD with 2,0 odds — loss;
2,20 USD with 2,0 odds — loss;
3,40 USD with 2,0 odds — loss;
4,80 USD with 2,0 odds —- a win of 160 USD.

The net profit is 10 USD (take off the number of bets). If you replace the 2,0 odds with 1,95, the income will decrease to 6 USD. So, you risked 150 USD, which is 25 times more than your potential win.

Best choice for the Martingale system

It was mentioned above that events with 2,0 odds suit fine to the strategy. Other options of 1,95 and 2,05 are also allowed. These odds ​​won’t affect winnings and losses, as well as the size of the bet.

So, what is best to bet on up to Martingale? We offer the following options:

  • favorite wins one of the halves in football;
  • strong tennis player wins 2-0 on sets;
  • plus and minus handicap in basketball;
  • individual total over 1,5 in football.

There are many betting options. Choose your more favorable sports and place bets mostly on them. This way, you increase the profits from your bets.

Points that are worth interest

Your plan can catch something of a snag when using the Martingale strategy. So, start betting with 1% of your bankroll. Thus, if a series of losses continues, you won’t lose all your money.

Final verdict

Martingale is not a win-win strategy. The financial technique will be effective together with deep analysis, and then not always.
Competent bettors share the bankroll for different strategies to ensure against financial meltdown. If a negative scenario happens, they will lose only some money, but not all. You can act in this way with Martingale betting. Assign 25% of the bankroll for this strategy. This reasonable step will balance your bankroll and keep you away from big financial losses.

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