Guide to playing Live Dragon Tiger in Nigeria

There are many live dealer games that you can play. Among them there is one that does not require from you a lot of experience in the casino ꟷthis is Dragon Tiger. Live Dragon Tiger captures your imagination with dynamic action in stunning environments.

Try to play this game from software developer Evolution Gaming.
There is a stream live with crystal clear sounds in Full HD and bets start at £ 50.

All you have to do to start playing the game right now is sign up at the best Dragon Tiger casinos below.

Play Dragon Tiger Game for money

Dragon Tiger ─ very simple and fast card game

There are many live dealer games that can be played for real money. Among them there is a game that does not require you to have a lot of experience in the casino – this is Dragon Tiger. The game captures your imagination by offering dynamic action in stunning environments.

This is especially true if you choose the version from the Evolution Gaming casino software developer. Dragon Tiger is a fairly simple card game. And if you once played for example such games as Super Sic Bo or Magic Ball then you will definitely understand what I mean.

But in the Dragon Tiger game, the dealer deals 2 cards for each betting place. The simplest version of baccarat can be played by both new players and players with extensive experience.
It is currently the easiest live casino game. The betting process is very simple as only two cards are dealt.

All you have to do to start playing Live Dragon Tiger is to sign up at any of the casino websites listed here.

What is Live Dragon Tiger

Live Dragon Tiger is the simplest two-card baccarat variant game. There are only two cards in the game and you need to bet on whether a dragon or a tiger will be more valuable, everyone can play it.

The game is fast enough, every 25 seconds with a new round.

You will be impressed by the simplicity of Dragon Tiger especially if you love baccarat and live casinos.
The dragon tiger can be compared to baccarat in the same way that ludo is similar to Gem Blast.
And you don’t have to play against other players in both of these games. In baccarat, you play against the dealer’s hand, while in the dragon tiger it is more like a dragon’s hand against a tiger’s hand.

In this game, just like in baccarat, you have to bet on three possible outcomes – player, banker or draw.
In Dragon Tiger everything is totally simple. You just bet on which card has the highest value, or on two side bets.
You don’t need to be a super advanced player to play. Beginners and casual players can also play live dragon tiger.

The Rules

During the game you have to determine which side of the table has the highest card (dragon or tiger) or whether there is a draw. Two cards are played in each round to determine the ending of the game.

There are 4 options to bet:

  • Dragon (left): pays out 1: 1 (payment percentage 96.27%)
  • Tiger (right): pays out 1: 1 (payment percentage 96.27%)
  • Tie (tie): pays out 11: 1 (payment percentage 89.64%)
  • Suited Tie (tie with the same color): pays out 50: 1 (payment percentage 86.02%)

In case of a tie, half of the bets on dragon or tiger are paid out. If you bet on a draw, you get paid 11:1 according to Evolution Gamings and 8:1 in other software developers. There is also a bet on a suited draw — in which the colors of all cards must be the same. The game uses 6 decks of cards without jokers. The card values ​​of the game are: the lowest card is the Ace (value 1) , the highest card is the King and the normal count applies: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, B, J, Q and K.

Live Dragon Tiger Casinos

How to place the bets

Usually I do not disclose the betting process when I describe live casino games.
However, since the pace of the game is very fast, the Dragon Tiger is slightly different. But if you know how to play live casino games from Evolution Gaming, then there will be no difference from playing roulette online or online blackjack with a live dealer.
You have to determine the rate for each round.
The minimum bets start at 50USD and get up to 1 500 000USD.
Make sure you place your bets on time as the game is fast paced. If you missed your round the next one will start again after 30 seconds.
Traffic light colors will help you find out how much time you have for a bet:

  • Green: you have plenty of time
  • Yellow: there is not much time for bet
  • Red: you can not use this round

There are also different ways to quickly place a bet.
For this click on «Repeat Bet» or «Double».
If you accidentally place a wrong bet or too much press Cancel and all bets will be canceled.

Different types of Live Dragon Tiger Games

The Live Dragon Tiger was created by the largest studios in the live casino industry. All live dragon tiger studios have their own trademarks and it makes them different from the rest.Evolution Gaming Studio is a leader in creating unique games. All games are available for mobile devices. It can be played from Android, Iphone and other mobile devices. The list of live dragon tiger sites contains three versions of the game, each of which is interesting in its own way.

Evolution Gaming

Have you ever played a live dealer game for real money? If yes, then most likely it was a game from Evolution Gaming. This is the live studio with the largest number games. Evolution games are superior to the rest.
Live Dragon Tiger by Evolution has a very simple interface.

The gameplay is accompanied by lightning effects synchronized with the outcome of the round. The live dealers are very polite and professional. This is what sets the Evolution version of Dragon Tiger apart from other software providers.


One of the main features of the game is that they have a draw bet in the same suit. This bet pays out in 50 times more your bet and can wrap up your bankroll in a second.

However, the house advantage is much higher, while the possibility of getting two suits of the same type and number is very small. Therefore, I do not recommend betting on a suited draw.


  • Min Dragon, Tiger, Tie or Suited Tie Betꟷ100USD
  • Max Dragon or Tiger Betꟷ1 500 000USD
  • Tie max betꟷ150 000USD
  • Suited Tie max betꟷ10 000USD


It’s very easy to see your betting history. You can see a detailed breakdown of the winning cards in your bet. The game interface also provides statistics and other features to improve the gameplay. This makes it easy to see your betting history and how much you’ve won / lost. Also  is very convenient the function that allows you to see in the chat window how much each player won and in total.

Camera modes 

You have several different camera and interface modes. In one mode, there is a live broadcast covering the entire game window. In the second mode, you can focus more on the stats of your Dragon Tiger game. The game itself is a variant of baccarat. There are no other Live Dragon Tiger games from Evolution Gaming.


Ezugi, NetEnt and Evolution Gaming form the Trimurti Live Casino. Studio Ezugi LATAM broadcasts the game and accepts an unlimited number of players. On the desktop, it runs on the Flash platform, and on mobile devices it uses HTML5 technology. Ezugi offers dynamic gameplay and attractive payouts.


Ezugi only has the usual Tie, Dragon and Tiger bets.
The limits are low and the min & max bet are the same for all three bets.


  • The difference Ezugis version vs. Evolution Gaming is that the Tie bet only pays out 8:1, whereas at Evolution it pays 11:1.
  • Min bet – 50USD
  • Max bet – 25000USD


Ezugi’s Live Dragon Tiger interface is very simple. You can easily monitor the progress of the game and the different rates.
The only thing that could be added is the winning line that Evolution Gaming has. When you can see that other players have won the experience is richer and you can also chat with the dealer.

Camera modes

The only mode is full screen live mode. The video and sound quality is excellent. This is truly Full HD. Smooth HD play without interruption is very important when playing live casino games.
Excellent work, Ezugi!

Xpro Gaming

This is a small developer with studios in Slovakia and Bulgaria.
Although Xpro Gaming’s Live Dragon Tiger is not as technically rich as Evolution’s version, it offers amazing gameplay.
You can see here playful and lightly dressed dealers.
It should be noted that if you are not active in the game you can be disconnected.


The big flaw of Dragon Tiger from Xpro is the high minimum bets to start the game and the conversion to dollars.
The advantage is that there are many side bets.
They are placed to the left and right of the main betting area. It will not be difficult for you to figure it out.
The limits are listing at the top of the stream.


  • Min 5USD
  • Max 10000USD


Xpro Gaming is different in that you can choose your five favorite chips.
The interface is very clean and super easy for understanding.
Live chat is also available and you can tip dealers.

Camera modes

Unfortunately there is only one camera mode is available. The camera angle is poor and makes everything in the studio small and cramped, and the background is too close.
In my opinion the second camera view is needed to be that will be more interface-focused.

Dragon Tiger Strategies

The game is so simple that there is no real way to define a strategy. Perhaps the best strategy is to see which bets have the lowest house edge. Dragon and Tiger bets give only 3.73% a house advantage.

Draw bets that give a very high house edge of 10.36%. Always avoid betting on a draw.

Perhaps it can be possible to try the martingale strategy, since there the minimum rate is low and the maximum rate is high.
However, there are risks there too for sure.


If you play live Dragon Tiger for real money my advise for you will be always choose the dragon or tiger bet.
These have a house advantage of 3.73%.
In bets on a draw, the house advantage reaches almost 14%.
This is the least profitable bet you can play in a live casino.
I recommend you choose the version from Evolution Gaming.
They have very professional dealers, Full HD streaming, multiple interface options, and more.

To play Live Dragon Tiger from Evolution Gaming you can choose any of the top-rated online casinos below.

Best Dragon Tiger Casinos in Nigeria

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