How to Use the Middling Betting Strategy

The middling betting system implies betting on two opposite outcomes that can turn into a double win.

For example, you see the «middling opportunity» in the EPL match between Chelsea and Arsenal:

You found that the betting odds for Over (2.5) equal 1.90 while the other bookie offers the Under (3.5) selection at 1.50. Let’s imagine your bankroll is 100 000 NGN. We need to make two bets:

Over (2.5) odds 1.90 — 45 000 NGN

Under (3.5) odds 1.50 — 55 000 NGN

  1. Let’s take the case where the bet on Under (3.5) won, and the bet on Over (2.5) lost. (55 000*1.50) — 100 000 = — 17 500 NGN. Profit from these two bets equals — 17 500 NGN.
  2. Take a look at the situation when the bet on Under (3.5) lost, and the punt on Over (2.5) won. (45 000* 1.90) — 100 000= -14 500 NGN. In this case, you lost 14 500 nairas.
  3. Now, let’s imagine that teams scored 3 goals and both wagers on Under (3.5) and Over (2.5) won. In this situation, you win 68 000 NGN. (55000* 1.50) + (45000 * 1.90) — 100 000 = $68 000. 

As a result, you can see that in the case of hitting the middle (three goals), you get a profit of 68%. If you didn’t succeed to predict the middle, you lose only 14.5% or 17.5%.

How it Works

In other words, the middling betting strategy implies betting on two opposite outcomes, however, their possible intersection generates winnings from two bets at once.

The task is to hit the middle since two bets give a punter maximal profit. In case of loss, the other bet covers the biggest part of the losing bet.

Types of Middles

There are two types of middles: positive and negative middles.
If you bet on positive middle, the winning from one of the wagers covers the loss from the other bet. However, it’s difficult to find such middles without dedicated software.

As for the negative middle, we gave an example of it earlier. Such middles are found more often, and you need to evaluate whether it has some value to deal with it.

Most frequently, players apply middling betting with Over/Under and Asian Handicaps betting markets. Some punters use special scanners to search for middles on gambling websites, while others hunt for middles on their own. But, no matter how you find middles, you need to track your stats and draw the correct conclusions if your record doesn’t satisfy you!

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