This is a betting strategy used by players in games where two possible outcomes are equally likely. The Oscar’s Grind theory was first used in casinos when betting on red or black in roulette.

The basic concept is that there are periods of gains and losses. Losses and wins often come in streaks. Ideally, bets are kept low on losing streaks and increased on winning streaks that are supposed to follow.

Oscar’s strategy divides the entire game into sessions. A session is a series of consecutive bets made until a profit equal to one bet is made.

Each session starts with a bet of 1 unit and ends with 1 unit of profit. If the player loses, the session continues, and the bet is repeated.

Each time the player wins the game following the loss, the bet is increased by 1 unit. This increase is not carried out if the current bet guarantees at least 1 unit of profit in the end, in case the next game is won. On the contrary, the size of the bet in such a situation should be reduced to ensure exactly 1 unit of winnings.

With unlimited time and money, this guarantees that each session ends with 1 unit of profit.


After a losing bet, the size of the next one does not change, and after a winning bet, it doubles. At the same time, it is important that if you win three bets in a row, it is not recommended to increase the size of the bet, as this can lead to the loss of a large amount. If three bets in a row have brought a win, it is worth starting over and returning to the original bet size.


The game bank is recommended to be divided in such a way that it is enough for 10 equal steps.
In case of loss, the size of the next bet does not change.
If you win, the bet for the next step is doubled.
The coefficient must be 2.0 or higher.
The circle ends if the net profit is greater than or equal to the size of the bet on the first step.

This strategy has its advantages because when using such a system, it is too difficult to lose 5-10 laps in a row (although it all depends on the luck of the player and the correct selection of events).
The Oscar’s Grind system certainly has a right to exist, but it is hardly worth hoping for success when using it. The strategy is easy to use and does not require the player to have a large pot — this is a plus, but in the long run, according to experts, it is ineffective and can lead to a complete loss of the bank.

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