The Ladder Strategy in Sports Betting

The ladder strategy is a straightforward but potentially very profitable betting strategy. It doesn’t contain any complex calculations and specific knowledge, and you don’t need to handle xG-stats or something similar to remain in the black. You also don’t need to hunt value bets via automatiс scanners. This system allows punters to achieve their dream — hit the jackpot without high risks!

Researching the sportsbook’s betting markets, the punters often find matches where the probability of specific outcomes equals one hundred per cent. However, betting odds for these outcomes are the shortest — you can often see odds at a rate of 1.10 — 1.15. You want to bet a large sum of money for a big win, and this option is not always suitable.

Many favourites come with betting odds of about 1.05 — 1.30. Such prices don’t allow cappers to win a lot of money from one bet, so some strategy needs to be applied. If you implement the right one, you can make jack! Let’s take a look at the ladder strategy — it can boost up your bankroll with minimal investments!

How the Ladder Strategy Works

The ladder strategy principles are not tricky. You need to stake the entire sum of all previous winnings on every subsequent bet. Each win means you need to wager all money you have earned earlier. If the bet loses, you come back to the first step.

The strategy doesn’t pose significant risks for a bankroll and represents an effective system if you select the suitable matches and outcomes. To start betting with this strategy, you need first to divide the bankroll into 100 or 50 equal pieces.

Let’s take an example. Your bankroll is 500 000 nairas. You divided it into 100 equal pieces, so your flat (first bet) is 5 000 NGN. You selected the bet on Liverpool to win against Norwich at betting odds of 1.20. Liverpool won, so the first step is over.

1. 5 000*1.20 = 6000

Then you chose to wager on Juventus to beat Genoa at 1.35 as your second bet. Here, you wagered all the winning from the previous round — 6000 nairas. The Old Lady did the trick, so your second shot was also on target.

2. 6000*1.35 = 8100

You concluded that Barcelona had to outcompete Rayo Vallecano in the La Liga match at 1.25. You selected this pick for your next punt. Catalans also won, and you got 10 125 nairas after the third step.

3. 8100*1.25 = 10 125

According to the strategy, if a bet loses, you return to the first step and wager 1 unit.

Of course, if you climb high and your wager loses, it can be very upsetting, but actually, you lose only one unit. That’s why the ladder strategy is considered a low-risk betting system. We recommend using it with high-potential bets and short betting odds. Even though betting odds in your coupon are not that high, you can hit the jackpot!

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