Nigeria Online Roulette

Roulette is the world’s legendary casino game with great history and fame. Online roulette games earn a lot of admirers in Nigeria, too.

Multiply your money with roulette by placing bets just on black and red!

This review will reveal everything about online roulette gambling in Nigeria!

Play Online Roulette

Why is roulette so popular in Nigeria and around the world? Because it is entertaining, thrilling, and easily accessible!

Place bets from any part of the world and immerse into the reality of a real casino game. To start winning, you just want to have a PC or any gadget!

More and more gamblers in Nigeria are finding out the thrill of online casinos and getting all benefits of online play!

A lot of Nigerian online gambling platforms offer generous gifts and roulette games with nairas! They are all at arm’s length!

Selecting the Right Web Roulette Casino

There are a lot of roulette websites and it might be difficult to find the best one for your needs!

This review contains 100+ Nigerian online casinos featuring online roulette games.

The review reveals all pros and cons of each online casino — it will help you select the right one to suit your needs best!

Every roulette casino is awarded points based on how good it is. Hurry up to find our Nigerian roulette casinos ratings, too!

Deposit and Start Playing Roulette Online

Having defined which online casino suits your taste best, you need to sign up with it. Your account will allow you to access any type of online roulette game.

To place bets, you need to deposit some sum of money. Casino websites usually provide multiple payment methods, so it is always possible to select the most convenient one!

The most used payment methods in Nigeria are:

  • VISA and MasterCard,
  • Quickteller,
  • OPay,
  • Verve,
  • Google Pay

Grab the Best Bonus for Online Roulette

Signing up with the online casino, you can usually get a welcome deposit bonus.

Most online gambling platforms provide welcome offers. In most cases, these are deposit bonuses — you get additional money after making your first deposit.

If you are hunting the right online casino to start placing bets in online roulette with welcome offers check out 22Bet!

Online Roulette Games to Play with Real Money

Placing bets with real money is the most exciting form of gambling and roulette is no exception.

Roulette is likely the most remarkable play among all casino entertainments. It is considered to be a game where one player can win or lose a great deal of money in one spin of the wheel.

The most common roulette play is just betting on black or red. This allows gamblers to double bet in a few seconds. Nice and easy!

Real deposit roulette gambling offers a lot of other ways of betting. Your winnings always depend on probability, so a good rule of thumb is to evaluate chances before each bet.

Here, you can benefit from real deposit roulette, so stay on this page and start winning!

Just imagine how it is amazing to play roulette with your friends discussing all future bets and stakes!

The Top Real Deposit Roulette Casinos

If your task is to find the best real deposit roulette, pay your attention to Bet9ja!

It features tens of various online roulettes both with demo and real money. Don’t hesitate to multiply your bankroll right now!

Bet9ja provides even much more. What are you best in? Select your favorite card game, table game, slots, or something else!

Bet9ja features multiple payment methods ensuring convenient deposits and withdrawals. The casino supports VISA, MasterCard, Opay, so players can use the most popular payment systems in Nigeria!

Benefit From Live Dealer Roulette

Live roulette is the much-loved option of the famous game. This roulette offers both — ease of online roulette and the immersion into the reality of the real games.

What is it like?

It’s not rocket science. The online entertainment provider runs the game in a dedicated studio and brings players the LIVE stream. All streams can be watched in HD quality, without delays and interruptions.

The player sees a gorgeous LIVE dealer who is talking to him in the process of the game, giving the gambler not only a chance of winning but also speaking with a beautiful woman.

Online roulette is the favorite entertainment in Nigeria — just try playing and you will realize why!

Online Roulette Fondations

Let’s recall the main roulette basics to start the serious game!

Roulette is a gambling game where a dealer drops a ball onto a spinning wheel containing compartments specified with numbers, while gamblers bet on the numbers where the ball stops moving.

To take part in the game, the player needs to place a bet. After that, a dealer spins a wheel and drops a ball onto it.

The wheel contains specified slots numbered from zero to thirty-six. The slots are colored red and black. Your bet is winning if you predicted the color or number where the ball came to rest.

Roulette Game Principles

It’s not difficult to learn roulette rules and this gives additional bonuses to this play. To be a part of the game, just place a bet within the allotted time.

In some casinos, gamblers place bets while the ball is moving — a croupier tells players when all bets are off. Online roulette games, in their turn, allow users to bet only before the ball moves. To place a punt, you just want to click the area where you think the ball will stop.

Bets You Can Place

Initially, you might find placing bets in online roulette a bit tricky, however, it’s not that difficult.

Let’s take a look at the picture.

As you see, you can select the necessary selections either inside the roulette table or outside the layout.

Payout Charts

Different roulette versions come with different payout charts, however, in most cases they are similar. They show odds for various bet types.

As the chart shows, the more numbers in your bet, the lower winnings you get.

Read our web roulette wagers and payouts review if you need to know more about this part of the game.

Increase Your Winnings With the Right Roulette Strategy

If you play for fun, go with your gut feeling, however, if you would like to make the game much larger, you definitely need some strategy.

Even though playing roulette doesn’t have a winning formula, there are many game tricks and tips on bankroll management to increase your chances of winning.

All gambling strategies are based on managing the bank as other aspects of the play are out-of-control — as soon as the ball starts moving the result is absolutely random.

Let’s take a look at the most used online roulette strategies!

Martingale Strategy

The Martingale strategy is very simple: you need to double your stake after a bet is lost and come back to the starting stake every time you win.
The strategy implies that the winning bet covers all previous losses due to an increased stake. When the player comes back to the base stake, he saves all wins.
This bankroll management strategy has many variations but the main version means that the player needs to place the bets with odds of nearly 50/50 — in other words, he needs to back red or black.
The starting stake basically depends on the bankroll size. It is very important to understand that in this strategy all losses grow exponentially, so you will need to cover a losing streak.

Anti-Martingale Strategy

This bankroll management method is also popular among players. The principles of the strategy are the same, however, gamblers change their stakes on winning bets rather than losing ones.

Anti-Martingale basics:

  1. Double the stake when a bet won.
  2. Come back to the starting stake after a bet lost.

This bankroll management method is more unstable than the common version as it generates profits from winning streaks. Here, the player needs to understand when to stop gambling to save his winnings.

Web Roulette Options

There is a wide variety of roulette plays to satisfy the needs of any gambler — from a newbie to the most seasoned high roller. If you are pondering which online roulette will suit you best, here are some of its variations:
American and European roulette, multi-ball roulette, multi-wheel roulette, Spingo — these are the only small part of all existing roulette games.
European roulette is the most popular variation at Nigerian web casinos and many players consider it the standard one.

Below you’ll find guides to the most popular Nigerian online roulette games.

American Roulette

American roulette is similar to the European version, however, it has the only difference, though. It comes with a «00» slot along with the commоn «0» slot.

Basically, it implies that all bets have a slightly lower chance of winning. The house edge in the American roulette equals 5.26% compared to the 2.7% house edge of the European version.

This type of roulette is popular in the actual US and Asian casinos. Sometimes, they can be found in UK casinos.

There is no point to opt for American roulette instead of European variation as it provides lower chances of winning. All betting websites or casinos that recommend placing bets in American roulette probably don’t act in the players’ interests.
Be vigilant!

Multi-Wheel Roulette

Multi-wheel roulette is roulette with several wheels — the number of wheels usually varies depending on the gaming provider.

Every variation of multi-wheel roulette usually provides different payouts and comes with different rules. Games usually come with clearly specified rules, players can see them just on the page where the game is played.

Don’t neglect to read the rules before you start placing bets to avoid possible upsetting.

You can play multi-wheel roulette at Bangbet!


Multi-ball Roulette

Multi-ball online roulette is a roulette game with several balls. Players most often play this type of game on the European roulette table. Different games contain a different number of balls, it can depend on both — game type and a play provider. The main requirement is that the game must come with more than one ball.

The number of balls usually affects the payouts. Game providers select rules on their own, however, the basic principle is all possible profits are divided by the number of balls.

In the case of roulette with two balls, the payouts are divided by two in comparison with the usual roulette payouts. In games with three balls, the payouts are three times lower than in the standard roulette version.

You can play Multi-Ball Roulette at NetBet.

Play on Your Smartphone

Placing bets in the web roulette via a smartphone is especially thrilling entertainment! What can be more exciting than playing the legendary game while lying on the cozy couch or sunny beach?

The great advantage of placing bets via a phone or another gadget is the opportunity to bet wherever you are — at work, transport, spa, etc.
Gaming websites usually provide two options to generate profits through the mobile phone: via a mobile app and in the mobile browser. Select the option that suits your taste best and start winning!

Online Roulette Applications

Most gambling companies offer online roulette apps, so it’s a tricky issue to find the right one. A good rule of thumb is to visit your favorite online casino website and download their firm application.

With that, it’s worthwhile noting that some apps are scammy, so you shouldn’t download programs from untrusted sources. That’s why it is reasonable to sign up only with licensed casinos and download their applications.

The Top-Class Roulette Apps

Nigerian gambling websites offer numerous roulette apps, however, we’d like to turn your attention to Konfambet. It is a famous gambling brand and company providing only trusted gaming services.

Kbonfambet also offers clients generous gifts such as free spins, cash-backs, etc.

Apart from that, the casino created the highest-quality mobile application featuring all roulette games available on the company’s website.

Mobile Roulette Sites

Nevertheless, many players still choose gambling in mobile versions of casino websites. Basically, they come with the same set of options as mobile apps but in some cases, they lack some features or bonuses. So, you want to do some research before you start gaming — this can increase your winnings!

Decide on your favorite brand and then select the right gaming place — a mobile application or mobile browser!

The Best Mobile Casino Website

A lot of mobile casino websites are competing to be the leaders in the gambling arena but we’d like to single out 22Bet!

This brand is one of the most-loved in Nigeria. Its mobile platform is ideal for playing roulette on the web. The website works fast and smoothly, so users can enjoy the best gaming experience!

Check it, select the right gambling strategy, and go for the first win!

Reliable and Confidential Casinos

When it comes to choosing the right roulette casino, safety should be the number one priority! Play only with licensed and well-trusted online casinos that value their reputation and ensure safe gambling.

Look through online roulette casino reviews and select only those which have positive reviews. No one can evaluate gambling platforms better than real players!

Is Web Roulette Legal in Nigeria?

Some new players wonder whether online casino games are legal. The current laws in Nigeria are complicated — relevant authorities regulate and issue licenses only to land-based casinos, and say nothing about web casinos.

Does it make this type of entertainment illegal? Not the way we see it. Unless the proper laws are passed against it!

A lot of web casinos operate freely in Nigeria, including online roulette casinos, and regulatory bodies are comfortable with their activities.
No company in Nigeria was punished for providing online gaming services, and this gives one more reason to claim that online casinos in Nigeria are legal.

We hope, in the future, the online gaming businesses in Nigeria will receive more clear laws and rules. It’s crucial to emphasize that now you can comfortably place bets on online roulette without worrying about breaking laws.

Play Roulette From Nigeria

Now, you are equipped with all the necessary knowledge to start playing online roulette in Nigeria!

You just need to select your favorite gambling website, sign up with it and place your first winning bets!

And then, after a while, you can come back to our site and upgrade your gaming level with the new knowledge and tools we offer.

Now, join a great community of gamblers enjoying playing roulette games on the web!

Best of luck!

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