Both Teams to Score Strategy

«Both teams to score» betting strategy is insurance in some matches but also a risk in others. The newbies should know when this choice is worth their attention. Take a glance at when it’s better to place a both-to-score bet to increase a profit.

What are the «both teams to score» strategy?

Both teams to score is a bet that both teams will score. This market is popular for football and hockey. With this strategy, there are two options — yes and no. The bet «yes» will play if the opponents score at least one goal in regular time. The bet «no» will pass if one of the teams or both teams does not score in regular time. In hockey, the odds for «both teams to score» rarely exceed 1,20. In football, it’s mostly around 1,70-2,20.

Points to consider when choosing a strategy

First, study statistics and follow the rules to use «both teams to score» with profit. Pay attention to the championships, where the probability of the «both teams to score» outcome is high. Choose matches where two high-scoring teams meet. Stay away when the favorite and the outsider meet, especially if the home team is the favorite.

Skip matches between opponents

Let’s take a glance at an example. Only 4 of Manchester City’s 12 matches with opponents scored goals from both teams in the last Premier League season. Exclude matches with teams that like strong defenses or shutout games. For example, in the last draw of the Spanish La Liga, 25 Atlético matches out of 38 went without scoring a goal. Avoid matches where both teams score at odds below 1,90. It’s worth considering the personnel losses of teams, such as the absence of offensive players due to injuries or disqualifications.

When do «both teams to score» bring profits?

In matches between a favorite and an outsider, the bets on «both teams to score» and total over 2,5 are not the same. The favorite can beat the opponent by a shutout. With three or more goals, the choice «yes» isn’t risky. If the odds for each team to win are 2,20, then the bet on «both teams to score» can be more profitable than the game on totals.

Pros & Cons of the strategy

The main advantages of both teams for betting: 

  • a simple understanding of betting; 
  • high odds, and the ability to secure bets; 
  • high chances to win. 

If you manage to find the right match, teams can score in the first half. Bets on «yes/no» with a proper study of stata bring a profit. The market suits well for decisive matches, where the motivation factor comes into play.
Without prior analysis, you can lose the bankroll when betting on «both to score». Also, not all events suit for both teams to score betting.


It turns out that the strategy for both teams to score is not so simple. It requires careful attention to statistics and the study of data. Then, each player can place a bet with favorable odds that increase his profit.

Pros and cons of betting on the favorite

The main advantage of the strategy is the high probability of passing bets. As mentioned above, in football, more than 50% of bets on the favorite pass, so cappers can be in the black at a distance. On the other hand, low odds for the favorite to win is a key drawback that leads to a drain on the deposit, since cappers often place large bets on the favorite. Sooner or later, the series of victories is interrupted, and one defeat overlaps several positive results at once.

How to bet on the favorite and win?

The success of the strategy directly depends on which strategy the capper chooses in his bets. Experts advise using aggressive catch-up. According to this approach, the amount of the next bet is traditionally higher, and it is calculated based on the odds of the upcoming match. Aggressive catch-up recommends that the amount of the first bet be equal to 1-2% of the total pot. How to put the strategy into practice? To calculate the amount of the next bet, special calculators are used, which you will find in the public domain.

For an example of rates, let’s take the same Bayern, which won 11 victories in 14 matches of the national championship. Consequently, only 3 bets did not go to Munich — in 1, 7 and 12 games. Based on the statistics, it is enough to calculate aggressive catch-up in two steps. Let’s say your starting bet is $10 and you expect to make a profit of $3. The average odds for Bayern are 1.33. As a result, the second bet will be $39. In case of failure of the second bet, the third should already be $158, but it is difficult to imagine such a drought at the peak Bayern, especially in games against outsiders.

Good advice! Choose to bet on the favorite championships with low competition — the German Bundesliga, the French Ligue 1.

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